TTFields (Tumor Treating Fields) extend survival in some of the toughest types of cancer. In clinical use for glioblastoma (brain tumors) in the US, Japan and Europe, currently available products do not live up to the full promise of the technology.

Force Oncology is on a mission to provide the TTFields system that extends life the longest and is preferred by patients.

Science of TTFields

TTFields treat tumorous cancers by applying an oscillating electrical field that interferes with the cell division process as cancer cells multiply. Typical products consist of a battery-powered generator and electrodes attached to the body, and are to be worn day and night.

TTFields is supported by an extensive suite of scientific publications with pre-clinical and clinical trial results. A few excerpts below:

Brain Tumors (Glioblastoma)

In clinical trials, TTFields has been demonstrated to significantly extend survival in patients with glioblastoma. One trial with 237 patients with recurring glioblastoma reported non-inferiority vs SoC [1]. Another trial on 695 patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma, where TTFields were given together with chemotherapy, reported significantly longer survival with TTFields [2].

A review of post-approval studies found that the real-world data supports the efficacy of TTFields [3].

Even though TTFields use is connected with increased survival, studies have also shown that patients find current TTFields products burdensome, with 64% turning down treatment in spite of the expected survival benefits [4].

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

A trial on 276 patients with metastatic NSCLC following progression on platinum-based therapy met its primary endpoint and demonstrated a statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvement in median overall survival [5].


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TTFields is a device solution for some of the most aggressive cancers. It delivers an expected survival benefit that would perhaps typically be associated with a new biotech or pharmaceutical drug.

As a device treatment, improved outcomes and experiences with TTFields can be engineered. By iterating on the design, new and better products can be expected to be realized faster than e.g., a drug could be improved upon.

TTFields equipment is ideally worn around the clock, every day, and is a prominent feature in a patient’s life during a challenging time. The design of such a system must reflect this reality by addressing functional and emotional needs, and – yes – dare to delight.

The Counterforce System is under development, with patents pending. Force Oncology does not have any product available for sale.


Force Oncology was founded with a vision to empower the patient and its caretakers in their journey with cancer.

The way we do that is by striving to provide the TTFields system that extends life the longest and is preferred by patients.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, our small team is imbued by a deep respect for the giants that came before and established the science, and also filled with a burning drive to deliver a better product to patients.

For any inquiries, please contact CEO Fredrik Juto.


Force Oncology is on a mission to provide the TTFields system that extends life the longest and is preferred by patients. This is part of our vision to empower the patient and its caretakers in their journey with cancer.

Cancer can’t wait. We want to deliver better products ASAP.

Do you feel the same impatience? Do you think you could contribute?

Developing cancer treatment systems to be worn 24/7 by people with cancer requires people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. We’re always looking for driven minds to join us.

We’re a small team with experience from medical device development, IP (patents) and clinical trials. If you have experience from those fields it could be immensely useful, but we are also looking to broaden our team. A background in designing consumer electronics, or complex consumer products in general, could for example bring a set of skills to build delightful products.

Our office is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


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